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Home Renovation – Showcase 06

Home Renovations

2000 CHBA SAM Award Finalist Most Outstanding Home Renovation
(over $100,000); 2000 OHBA Award of Distinction Winner
Most Outstanding Renovation (over $100,000); 2000 OCHBA Design Award Winner Custom Bathroom (over 75 sq.ft.)


“Renovating an older home, as you know, is never easy. Yet today, I am amused when I think back to our meetings with you, discussing our ideas, goals and aspirations. Even though it seemed at first that we were headed for a very straight-forward set of plans, we were simply amazed at what you came back with.

Your design totally thrilled us by its originality and intelligence. You understood us beyond what we ever anticipated and expressed it in a house that will be a showpiece for years and years to come.

Hiring you was the best money we ever spent. You outdid yourself!”



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