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Home Renovation – Showcase 11

Home Renovations

2015 GOHBA Design Award Winner – Renovation $350,000-$499,000


“Our experience working with Chuck Mills is that our respect and appreciation for his expertise and professionalism have only increased over time. From our first meeting with Chuck, when we did not have even the rudiments of a design concept, to the execution of the smallest details, Chuck has been receptive, engaged, responsive and very much an advocate of what works for us. The result is the complete transformation of our hum-drum 60′s Minto home into a residence that suits our personalities and lifestyle.

Our stated goal was to make this our “retirement home” — a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and hospitality for years to come. Chuck’s design improved the functionality of the layout, creating a much more embracing space. His work addressed structural and lighting issues which had previously limited the use of our principal rooms. Now we have beautiful natural light throughout the day and wonderful illumination at night both inside and out. After completion of the design phase, Chuck remained available to us. It was always a pleasure to see him on site, and to work through any issues with the benefit of his practical suggestions and his sense of humour. Business dealings were straightforward and transparent, with invoices arriving on time according to a well-defined schedule.

All told, it was a pleasure to work with Chuck. In the realization of Chuck’s concept, we appreciate the true value of his work as our designer.”

Walter & Nicole


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