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Home Renovation – Showcase 16

Home Renovations

2014 GOHBA Design Award-Renovations $500,000 to $749,999; 2014 GOHBA Design Award-Custom Kitchen (191 to 219 sq.ft.); 2014 GOHBA Design Award-Custom Bathroom (over 91 sq.ft.); 2014 GOHBA Design Award-Green Renovation – Entire Home


“My wife and I purchased a small heritage home in a very desirable Ottawa neighborhood. We had a vision combined with some ideas… what we needed was Chuck Mills to help shepherd an architectural design that would bring cohesiveness to the project. After a few conversations Chuck architected what would soon become a reality… a home that combined the Arts & Craft charm with a stylish modern interior, all this while preserving the look and feel of the original house and the neighborhood in which it was located. No small task!”

Dan & Leila


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