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Office Partitions to Optimize Your Workspace

Office partitions are components of office interior design solutions in the modern workspace environment. Office partitions are strategically placed  to optimise the use of space and enclosure as a sound barrier to create a sense of privacy when employees are performing their job.

Our Home & Office Design Services in Los Angeles team of design specialists can offer you advice on designing office partitions systems according to your workspace requirements and budget. Our designers will serve you from site survey, planning, budgeting, color selection, finishes, up to on-schedule work completion of high end quality partitions.

Office partitions are interior office furniture and fixtures that function to divide open space into smaller work area. They may be permanent structures or temporary and demountable and movable, even portable. Office partitions are included in office refurbishment and fit out projects.

Versatile applications of office partitions

  • Acoustics – minimize audible noise, echo and vibrations from outside the building like a train or traffic. Sound proofing conference rooms, specific areas and office equipment.
  • Opacity or transparency – offers complete or partial view, to divide space and act as a physical barrier, protect from light sensitive processes, materials and equipment.
  • Enclosure – as in a cubicle workstation that affords a sense of privacy to employees while allowing them to work and communicate.

Office partitions design may differ from room to room and may be half or full height, or floor to ceiling, like glass partitions. Several different materials from wood, plastic, steel, aluminum and other materials can be ordered as customized, pre fab or module partitions. These temporary types of partitions can also be done onsite with minimum disruption and installed quickly. Importantly, office partition materials shall comply with Building regulations and environmentally safe and are non-toxic.

Types of office partitions

  • Glass partitions
  • Glass artwork
  • Frameless glass partitions
  • Solid or glazed panels – half or full
  • Floor to ceiling partitions – glass steel or wood
  • Cubicles and portable partitions
  • Folding and Accordion walls
  • Panels in vinyl wall covering
  • Satin Anodised aluminum finish

Used partitions, meanwhile, can be refitted with new, color, materials and finishes. This will not only be cost-effective, it also complies with sound environmental practice in construction and fit out projects.

Office partition expertise by our design team is evidenced by the quality of our design and workmanship to our clients’ delight. This dedication and commitment to excellent service apply to projects of any size.

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