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Pros of Office Refurbishment for Your Company

An office refurbishment project in its simplest form means renewing textures and finishes, such as adding a coat of paint and new carpeting, while larger projects entails  structural alterations and building services renewal. It may include just a single room or all rooms in a floor, or multiple floors of a building. Office refurbishment offers advantages for your company such as financial, social and environmental sustainability. It needs thorough planning and collaboration with your Home & Office Design Services in Los Angeles designer starting with the brief.

Like all Home & Office Design Services in Los Angeles projects, the result will be swanky offices, state-of-the-art and energy efficient environment for your staff. The cost of office refurbishment varies considerably based primarily on the scale of work and condition of the building. In the same manner, the impact of refurbishing work in an occupied building will depend of the scale of work and how they will be performed in unoccupied or occupied situations. Home & Office Design Services in Los Angeles will handle small scale to large or multi-storey projects to your satisfaction.

When planning for the refurbishment work in an occupied office, health and safety, and risk management are discussed in the brief and planning stage.  Home & Office Design Services in Los Angeles has varied experience in dealing with this type of construction with minimal work disruption to your staff. We can even work shifts and on weekends to carry out on schedule project accomplishment.  Office refurbishment may involve the following:.

  • Office relocation – logistics management
  • Occupied office – performing refurbish works with employees at the office
  • Minor refurbishment – redecoration and building repair
  • Medium refurbishment – strip out work and updating of core areas, renewal of building services
  • Major refurbishment – includes structural construction of office extensions, etc. and renewal of building services.

Achieving sustainability in office refurbishment need not be expensive but requires an understanding of relationships between costs, risks and benefits. Home & Office Design Services in Los Angeles understands that sustainability of an office doesn’t simply just mean sticking to a list of guidelines. Sustainable office refurbishment has social aspects such as creating workspaces which contribute to the motivation and well-being of the workers and local communities. An office refurbishment is a quicker and cheaper means of converting second-hand space into specifications for grade-A.  Our team inspires design concept that intuitively add value to your investment and business success. Our team of architects, interior designers, consultants will work with your project team on planning thoroughly every stage of construction, including the time frame.

As office refurbishment in a serviced building may differ in scope, so we will handle landlord lease negotiations for you. Home & Office Design Services in Los Angeles office refurbishment services:

  • Building survey assessment
  • Design planning
  • Office relocation services
  • Furniture
  • Partitions
  • IT hardware appliances and cables
  • HVAC
  • Lighting and power
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Workspaces, etc.

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