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The Importance of Office Design Planning

Office design planning users new trends in flexible offices and configurations which will influence how companies buy and use their space. Similarly, the emerging new work model – collaboration – is saying goodbye to traditional private office design.

Office design planning services help companies:

1) Rethink how they provide space in the future,

2) What offices will look like years down the road, and

3) Which alternative work environment will promote collaboration, workflow and better performance for their workforce.

Activity-based office design planning is shifting focus away from the traditional floor plan. Office utilisation is changing. Office space lay out is changing, too, to allow more natural light in, increase ventilation and air quality. There’s less dry wall, and companies are into  flexible and cost-efficient workspace environment. This results in lower constructions costs and lower tenant improvement costs.

The Purpose of Office Planning Design

Office design planning is effective office space planning that integrates technology, safety, comfort, energy efficiency and cost-efficiency. Aesthetics endow the design with character and grace. Here, is the office design planning essentials:

  • Functions – the office design planning process begins with understanding of the technical aspects of using space and anticipating future needs. Office space types are classified as B2 occupancy.
  • Comfort and safety – foremost employer concerns are safety, health and comfort of employees. Office design planning processes should promote office space type designs with fresh air ventilation, access to windows and view. Low polluting and non-toxic materials are specified for healthy indoor air quality.
  • Productivity – office design planning for flexible office space types must adapt to future workspace configurations and changes in employees, equipment and storage, including provisions for IT and power.
  • Sustainability – cost effective, energy efficient designs, include high efficiency lights and lighting controls, occupancy sensors and energy-efficient HVAC equipment.
  • Regulatory – includes compliance with legal processes and statutory provisions in the amount of space per employee, fire safety, ventilation, temperature control and welfare, etc.

How Interior Design can customize the services

Home & Office Design Services in Los Angeles does not believe that one size fits all. We can customize your office design planning services to your advantage:

Building appraisal – to assess the stability, suitability, lease cost and terms, costs of design and fit out, etc. of a building in the business zone; whether the available office space will meet your business requirements well into the future. Conduct site risk survey for potential hazards.

  • Feasibility study – space lay out planning, Interior Design and Fit Out proposals.
  • 3D rendering – previews of your newly designed office space.
  • Office furniture – determination of required office furnitures and fixtures that will occupy space in the office design.
  • Building services – your new workspaces will require vigilant upkeep in compliance with regulations and legal statutes in your office design plan.

Whether your type of workspace is the state-of-the-art environment, specialized facility or swanky office design, start it off with Home & Office Design Services in Los Angeles planning.

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